The Lancashireman's graveyard book

The Inghamite chapel, Wheatley Lane

The graveyard at Wheatley Lane Inghamite Chapel is rather large. Burial records are available from CEMSEARCH for a fee. Some of the burial records are available free-of-charge at lan-opc.

Butson gravestone In Memory of
Thomas Butson,
who died June 24th 1862, aged 56 years
Also of Alice, his wife,
who died February 17th 1878, aged 64 years.
Also of Mary, their daughter,
who died March 22nd 1862, aged 22 years.
Also of Thomas, their son,
who died October 27th 1874, aged 37 years
Also of William, their son,
who died September 29th 1873, aged 32 years
Also of Jane Ann, their daughter
and the beloved wife of William Baines
who died March 6th 1891, aged 32 years
Also of Margaret Peacock
Butson, their daughter,
who died May 19th 1932, aged 76 years.
Also of Alfred the beloved husband
of Ann Butson,
who died Aug. 4th 1953, aged 81 years.
Also of Ann, wife of
the above Alfred Butson,
who died Dec. 20th 1958, aged 81 years.
Grave no. 2/144

Mary's surname is probably Metcalfe.
Neither Mary, Thomas snr. nor Thomas jnr. is buried here.
Buck gravestone In Memory Of
wife of William Buck
of Burnley
who died Dec 21st 1880
aged 56 years
"Thy Will Be Done"
Also the above William Buck
who died April 12th 1898
aged 75 years
Also of Ann their daughter
who died October 17th 1883
aged 34 years
Grave no: 1/27
Buck gravestone In Loving Memory Of
Mary Ann,
dearly beloved wife of
Francis Buck,
died Sept. 14th 1910,
aged 73 years.
Also the above named
Francis Buck,
died Jany. 4th 1914,
aged 76 years.
Also Walton and Ada,
their children
died in infancy.
Buck gravestone In Loving Memory Of
George Wilfred Buck,
died Feb. 6th 1965,
aged 62 years.
Also of his wife
Ethel Maud Buck,
died June 8th 1983,
aged 80 years.
Buck gravestone In
Memory of
born Oct 26th 1919
died Dec 12th 1979
his beloved wife
born Dec 20th 1917
died Feb 6th 2012
Rukin gravestone In Loving Memory of
our dear brother
William Rukin,
of Croft Top Farm, Fence,
who died May 15th 1930,
in his 65th year.
Also Mary Ann Rukin,
sister of the above,
who died Dec. 21st 1943,
in her 72nd year.
Also John Rukin,
brother of the above,
who died Dec. 17th 1944,
in his 76th year.
Also Michael Rukin,
who died Dec. 30th 1949,
aged 67 years.

Until we meet again.
Shutt gravestone In Loving Memory of
the beloved son of
William & Elizabeth Shutt
of Burnley
who departed this life
July 4th 1891 in his 33rd year
and was interred July 7th.
Also the above named
William Shutt
who died March 3rd 1905
aged 72 years.
Also Elizabeth, wife
of the above
who died May 16th 1917
aged 82 years
Also James Taylor
died Aug 27th 1940
aged 67 years
Also Stephen Shutt
who died Aug 7 1938
aged 67 years

Gone but not forgotten
Shutt gravestone In Loving Memory of
Thomas Shutt
of Brierfield
who departed this life
April 11th 1893
in his 59th year.
Gone but not forgotten.
Also of William Shutt,
son of the above
who departed this life
December 19th 1897
in his 42nd year.
Also of Ann,
the beloved wife of
the above named
Thomas Shutt,
who departed this life
May 14th 1901
in her 67th year.
"He giveth his beloved sleep."
Also Margaret Ann
the beloved wife of
James Dunn, and
daughter of the above
who passed away Jan 11th
1924, in her 52nd year
Taylor gravestone In Affectionate Remembrance of
Christopher Taylor,
of Brierfield,
who died March 3rd 1906,
aged 74 years.
Also Agnes his beloved wife,
who died Nov. 24th 1911,
aged 76 years.
Also Christopher their son
who died Aug. 20th 1879,
aged 12 years.
Also Thomas their son
who died April 27th 1888
aged 30 years.
Also Agnes Annie, the
beloved wife of
William T. S. Marchbank
who died Feb. 22nd 1919
aged 32 years.

Also William Kay,
who died Oct. 2nd 1928
aged 72 years.

Elizabeth, beloved wife of William Kay
who died Jan. 22nd 1922 aged 65 years.

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