The Lancashireman's graveyard book

St Patrick, Loughguile

Loughguile is a village in Co. Antrim. The gravestones here can be found in the churchyard of St Patrick.

McShane gravestone Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of
James McShane, The Castle, Ballintoy, who died 4th April 1906.
Also his wife Catherine, who died 27th January, 1937.
Their son Francis, Corkey House, died 28th Oct. 1985, aged 93 years.
McShane gravestone
McAleese gravestone
McAleese gravestone
In memory of Patrick McAleese, who died 1st March 1896.
Also his wife Mary, who died 31st Aug. 1909.
Rt. Rev. Msgr. James McAleese Brooklyn, N.Y.
Born 8th July 1847, Ordained 8th Nov 1874, Died 3rd Nov 1930
Their daughter Mary Jane died New York 16th Feb 1947 aged 93 years.

Left side:

Also their sons Daniel, died 19th Dec 1915
Bernard, died 17th Aug 1920
Patrick, died 29th Dec 1937.
Their daughter Lena Jane, Corkey, died 19th Dec 1950 aged 90 years

Right side:

Also his daughter
Ellen McMullan who died 28th Dec. 1899 at Sidney, Nebraska, USA
Bridget O'Raw, died 28th Dec. 1927
Catherine McShane, died 27th Jan. 1937
McAleese gravestone
McAleese gravestone
Douds gravestone Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of
John Douds, late of Corkey, who died 2nd August, 1901, aged 66 years.
And his wife Mary, who died 4th February 1894, aged 56 years.
Also their son James, who died 1875, aged 11 months.
Brigid Douds, who died 6th July 1941.
Her husband John Douds, who died 19th July 1955.
Their daughter Mary, who died 1st Nov. 1977
Martin gravestone Sweet Jesus have mercy on the souls of
James Martin, Drumrankin, died 8th Dec. 1980, aged 91 years.
His wife Mary Ann, died 8th Sep. 1950 aged 82 years.
Also his son Patrick died 10th Sep. 1922, aged 25 years.
His father Nicholas, died 20th Sep. 1907, aged 82 years.
And his mother Sarah, died 11th Jan. 1913, aged 89 years.
His daughter Ellen, died in infancy, Jan. 1906.
And his son James died 21st December 1969 aged 69 years.
His son Nicholas died 28th Jan. 1982, aged 87 years.
McAleese gravestone Pray for the soul of
Joseph McAleese, died 7th Dec. 1932
McAleese gravestone McALEESE
Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of
Edward McAleese, Ballyveely, died 12th March 1977.
His wife Mollie, died 22nd March 1982.
McAleese gravestone Sweet Jesus have mery on the soul of
Patrick McAleese, Carnagall, who died 25th August 1925.
Also his wife Catherine McAleese, who died 29th September 1961.
Their son John, who died 26th October 1975.
his wife Margaret, who died 3rd January 1981.
McAleese gravestone
McAleese gravestone Pray for the soul of
Elizabeth McAleese, who died 30th Dec. 1933.
And of John McAleese, who died 17th May 1910.
Also his wife Mary McAleese, who died 25th Sept. 1900.
Archie McAleese, who died 11th Jun. 1949
James McAleese, Corkey, died 11th Sep. 1981
Lizzie died 13th Feb 1996
Lena died 17 Jun. 2003
McAleese gravestone
McAleese gravestone
Of your charity pray for the souls of
John McAleese, died 10th Aug. 1892, aged 72 years.
Also his wife Anne, died 21st July 1912 aged 66 years.
Their sons John, Patrick & Daniel, died March 1877, aged 6, 4 & 2 years.
Their son James, died 5th Dec. 1955, aged 77 years.
His wife Mary Jane, died 27th Dec. 1977 aged 85 years.

On base:

Imelda Greene died 23rd Aug. 1952 aged 5 months.
Her father Frank, died 26th Nov. aged 71 years.
Mother Anna 17th Sept. 1998 aged 76.
McAleese gravestone
McAleese gravestone
McAleese gravestone Sweet heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of
Edward McAleese, who died 19th April 1914.
And of his wife Mary, died 4th March 1920.
His daughter Sister Mary Luke (Lizzie) died 19th Nov. 1908.
And his sons James, died 12th Aug. 1924.
Daniel, doed 23rd March 1927.
Bernard, died 8th Nov. 1936.
Edward, died 25th July 1945.
And his daughter Helena McAleese, died 25th Dec. 1949.
Grand nephew Archie Henry, died 25th Aug. 1991, aged 75 years.
And his son Brian, died 13th Oct. 1953, aged 5 1/2 years.

On base:

And Ellen, wife of Arch[ie Henry?] died 12th May 2001 aged [?]
McCluskey gravestone Erected by Daniel McCluskey, Tully, in loving memory of
his father Bernard McCluskey, who died in 1839.
Also his mother, Ann McCluskey, who died 25th Dec. 1879 aged 85 years.
Also his sister Eliza McCluskey, who died 7th July 1906, aged 75 years.
Also the above named Daniel McCluskey, died 18th March 1928, aged 106 years,
Elizabeth Watt, Corkey, died 30th July 1961, aged 61 years.
Her son Laurence, died 9th Jan. 2002, aged 75 years.
McCluskey gravestone
McCollum gravestone Erected by John McCollum of Tully in memory of his dearly beloved wife
Ellen who died 28 July 1919 age 71 years.
Also my beloved daughter Mary C Watt died 17 July 1922 aged 32[?] years.
The above John ...

On back:

Bequested by the said Ellin McCollum in memory of her father and mother
James and Helena McAleese
also her sisters and brother Mary Biddy Margaret Jane and James.
McCollum gravestone
McCollum gravestone
McShane gravestone Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of
Margaret McShane who died 6th February 1970
and her husband Daniel who died 9th March 1975

Their niece Mary Dougan who died 20th Dec 1997, aged 70 years
McShane gravestone Of your charity pray for those mentioned below.
Patrick McShane, died 17th Nov. 1873, aged 56 years.
Agnes his wife died 9th Jan 1902, aged 85 years.
James, son died at New York Feb. 1874 aged 25 years.
Mary McAleese, daughter died 25th Sep. 1900 aged 47 years.
Bridget, daughter died 26th August 1901, aged 46 years.
Rev. John McShane P.P. Holywood died 19th Aug. 1907 aged 61 years.
McShane gravestone

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