The Lancashireman's graveyard book

St Mary's church, Newchurch-in-Pendle

St Mary's church has a fairly large graveyard. Some of the burial records are available free-of-charge at lan-opc.

The MIs are available from familysearch.

Knowles gravestone In Memory Of John
Son of Alexander and Mary Knowles of Quaker's Bridge
Brierfield, who departed this life April 2nd 1867 Aged 15 Years
Afflictions sore long time he bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God did please death should him seize
And free him from his pain.
Also Matilda Knowles Daughter of the above who departed
this Life April 18th 1876 Aged 28 years.
Safe in the arms of Jesus
Also the above Alexander Knowles
who died March 19th 1886 Aged 65 Years
"He died as he lived at peace with God and mankind."
Also Mary Knowles his wife,
who died September 5th (or 6th) 1889 Aged 65 Years
"Her end was peace."
Dyson gravestone In Loving Memory of James Dyson of Newchurch-in-Pendle
who died Nov. 2nd 1905 in his 70th year
Also of Elizabeth relict of the above
who died April 6th 1924 in her 74th year
Dyson gravestone Dyson gravestone
Edmondson gravestone In Memory of Elizabeth Edmondson of Thorney-Holme
fourth daughter of William Bollard of Whitehough
who died 18th of April 1893, in the 82nd Year of her age.
Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above and wife of the late
Samuel Sagar, of Roughlee, who died 30th of June 1935,
in her 94th year. At Rest.
Also Mary Elizabeth Ann Sagar, daughter of the above
who died 1st Nov 1967 in her 89th year.
Hargreaves gravestone In Memory of Jonathan Hargreaves of Mire Hole Barley
who died April 26th 1884 in his 83rd year.
Also Mary, his wife,
who died Sep. 30th 1832, aged 23 years.
Also Sarah, his second wife,
who died June 15th 1849, aged 34 years.
Also Emily, daughter of Jonathan & Mary Ann Hargreaves,
who died Feb. 10th 1878 aged 8 years.
Also the above named Mary Ann,
who died March 24th 1895, aged 55 years.
Also William, son of the first named Jonathan,
who died May 22nd 1894 aged 56 years.
Also Jonathan, son of the first named Jonathan Hargreaves,
who died June 28th 1915, aged 72 years.
Rest in peace.
Nutter gravestone Ellin Nutter 1651
George Nutter 1657
Issabell Nutter 1658
And Margaret the wife [...]
Nutter gravestone Nutter gravestone
Roberts gravestone In Loving Memory of Hannah the beloved Wife of Henry Roberts,
of Nelson, who died Nov. 9th 1903 in her 60th year.
Also of Hannah, their daughter,
who died Oct. 22nd 1887, aged 11 years.
Also of John William their son,
who died Oct. 12th 1924, in his 44th year.
Also the above named Henry Roberts,
who died Jan. 7th 1932, in his 86th year.
Also Annie Roberts, who died July 5th 1978
aged 95 years wife of John W Roberts
Smith gravestone In Loving Memory of Alice Ann Smith
who died June 18th 1893
in her 39th year.
Whitham gravestone In Affectionate Remembrance of the late
Joseph Whitham, of Thorney Holme,
who died November 18th 1864, aged 45 years.
Also Margaret, his wife
who died December 1st, 1875, aged 56 years.
Also Mary Ann, their daughter,
who died March 13th 1889, aged 44 years

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