The Lancashireman's graveyard book

St Mary's church, Muker

Butson gravestone Near this Place lies interred Mary, the Wife of Thomas Butson of Thwaite,
who died June 26th 1790, aged 47.
Also George the son of Thomas and Mary Butson,
who died Dec. [illegible] 1785, aged 16.
Also the above named Thomas Butson who died May 3rd 1813 aged 75.
Harker gravestone SACRED To the Memory of HENRY HARKER late of Scarr House
who departed this life at Muker in the full assurance of faith
October 23d 1839 Aged 44 Years.
Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieve
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believ'd
Yes, when the flesh and heart shall fail
And mortal life shall cease
I shall posess within the veil
A life of joy and peace
ALSO of JANE Daughter of Henry and Mary Harker
who departed this life September 15th 1835 Aged 24 Weeks.
Harker gravestone ERECTED in Memory of JOHN HARKER of MUKER
who departed this life January 26th 1823
Aged 40 years.
[Remainder illegible]
Clarkson gravestone IN Memory OF ANTHONY CLARKSON (late of Smithy Holme)
LAND SURVEYOR who died March 19th 1847 Aged 59 Years.
Also of Mary his Wife who died July 7th 1827 Aged 39 Years
Also of their daughter MARY ANN
the beloved wife of Thomas Metcalfe
who died September 22nd 1951 Aged 24 years
Metcalfe gravestone Here lies the Body of James Metcalfe of Muker, Junior
who departed this life May the 3d 1772 Aged 18
Also the Body of Ann Metcalfe,
Wife of James Metcalfe Junior of Muker.
She died Mar 28 1773 Aged 34
Also George Co?ingham who died No....9 Aged 29 Years
Harker gravestone SACRED To the Memory of SIMON HARKER late of High Whitaside
who departed this life October 18th 1839, Aged 79 Years.
Also of MARGARET his Wife who departed this life
April 25th 1835 Aged 59 Years
And of CHRISTOPHER their Son who died December 2nd 1816 Aged 1 Month
Also of SIMON his twin BROTHER who died May 26th 1844 Aged 37 Years.
Garth gravestone IN memory of MARGARET GARTH of Thwaite
who died April 22nd 1865 aged 85 years
who died Sept'r 6th 1872 aged 15 years
Clarke gravestone In Memory Of William Clarke of Thwaite
who died Jan'y 11th 1862 aged 66 years
and of Margaret his wife
who died June 12th 1866 aged 60 years
also of Elizabeth their daughter
who died Feb'y 6th 1871 age 37
also of Thomas Butson their son
who died Feb 19th 1884 aged 57 years
Rukin gravestone In Loving Memory of James Rukin
of Sabden Hall Farm, Fence, near Burnley,
who died Nov'r 13th 1934, aged 73 years.
Also Margaret, his beloved wife,
who died July 27th 1938, aged 77 years.
"Thy will be done."
Peacock gravestone In Loving Memory of John Peacock of Skeugh Head,
who died December 26th 1906 aged 51 years.
Also of Eleanor his wife
who died September 26th 1904 aged 45 years.
Peacock gravestone In Loving Memory of William Peacock
Born 11th Nov. 1881.
Died 23rd Oct. 1914.
Also of Dinah Peacock
Born 13th Sept. 1879.
Died 23rd Sept. 1957.
At rest.
Lister Metcalfe memorial Lister Washington Metcalfe
[transcription not available]

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