The Lancashireman's graveyard book

The former Providence chapel, Brierfield

The site of the Providence chapel in Brierfield (Little Marsden) is now a public garden.
The flat gravestones have been removed and set into paved areas in the corners, but there are a few monuments still in the middle of the garden.

Butson gravestone In Affectionate Remembrance of
the beloved wife of
Christopher Butson,
of Brierfield,
who died April 22nd 1879,
aged 32 years.
Also of three children,
Alice, James, and Thomas
who died in their infancy.
Also of Ann daughter of the above
who died April 28th 1880,
in her 10th year.
Also of the above named
Christopher Butson,
who died Jan 11th 1916,
aged 71 years.
Holmes gravestone In Memoriam of
the beloved wife of
William Holmes
who died August 22nd 1911
in her 56th year.
Also of the above named
William Holmes
who died October 14th 1933
in his 80th year.
Also Alice, their daughter
who died April 10th 1919, in her 37th year.

William Howarth
who died July 7th 1899,
aged 77 years.
Also Alice his beloved wife,
who died March 8th 1888,
aged 65 years.
Father and mother of the
aforesaid Olive Holmes.
Holmes gravestone
Oddie gravestone In Loving Memory
William Oddie,
of Brierfield,
who died July 2nd 1927,
aged 73 years.
Also of Jane, his beloved wife,
who died November 11th 1942,
aged 85 years.
"Until the day break and the
shadows flee away."

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